for ambient interior lighting in any ground and underground vehicles

LED light lines consisting of separate modules are designed for ambient interior lighting in any ground and underground vehicles.

The modules of the light lines consist of a base made of a special aluminium section, a profiled diffuser made of oblique polycarbonate, which provides its screw-free mounting on the base, plastic end plugs.

Plastic spacers or internal warning speakers are built in between the modules.

Clamps are used to fix the individual modules of the line relative to each other when they are fixed.

The use of electrical connectors for connecting modules to each other simplifies and speeds up the assembly of light lines, eliminates installation errors. 

The length of the light lines depends on the number and length of the modules and can be adjusted at the customer's request.

The light lines are designed to operate from the on-board DC network with a voltage of 21.6-30 (V).

The light lines can operate in the following lighting modes:                                                          

  • - ambient lighting mode - voltage is simultaneously applied to terminals 1-2 and 1-3 of the A1, B1 module circuits, all modules are lit;
  • - economy mode - voltage is applied to terminals 1-2 of the A1, B1 module circuit, 6 modules ( A1, A2, A4, B1, B3, B5) are lit;
  • - standby (emergency) mode - voltage is applied to terminals 4-5 of the electrical circuit of modules A1, B1, while a separate light source is lit in all modules.                                  

LED modules can be used as the main light sources when they are distributed along the entire length of the light lines and provide illumination in the continuous operation mode in accordance with the requirements of SMT ET007-04 Standard of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

In the standby (emergency) mode, 1.5W LED modules are used, which provide illumination of at least 0.5 lux in a passage and on platforms.

LED light lines provide uniform, continuous and comfortable illumination (without light dips and dimming) in the vehicle interior. The spectrum of light emitted by LED lines is closer to solar one. This ensures additional comfort during the trip.

Due to the use of a profiled aluminium base, the heat generated by LEDs is evenly distributed, which increases their reliability and service life.

The use of an opal polycarbonate light diffuser eliminates the possibility of visualizing light sources (bright light points of individual LEDs).

The polycarbonate light diffuser is vandal-resistant and fireproof.

The illumination in the cabin from the working LED lines is not influenced by ambient negative or positive temperature in a wide range.

The use of an LED light line reduces operating costs due to high reliability and reduced maintenance time.


Power supply voltage, V


Minimum wattage by one line*, W

  - in continuous lighting mode

  - in saving lighting mode

  - in standby (emergency) lighting mode




Interior lighting when there are 2 operating lines at the level of 0.86 m from the floor (1.07 m from the ceiling), at least, lux


3W Loudspeaker 3GDSH-32R, resistance, Ohms

4, 8

Operating temperature, °C°

from -20 to +40

Limit values of ambient temperature, °C°

from - 60 to + 45

Class of lines protection against electric shock according to GOST 


Environmental protection degree according to GOST 14254:

- in the part of diffuser

- in the part of the loudspeaker and the plug



Climatic category and location category


LEDs service life, hours, at least

50 thousand

Light fixture operating life, km travelled by a vehicle

350 thousand

*Line wattage depends on the length of line, the number of modules and required illumination.


Overall dimensions and layout of the LED light line


Example of a scheme for the installation of light lines and light fixture in the interior of a vehicle


An example of a light line connection scheme


Power supply voltage, V
Degree of protection
Wattage, W
Degree of protection