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29 years of experience


was founded in 1993

Our company designs, manufactures and supplies light fixtures for railway and urban motor and electric vehicles (buses, trolleybuses, trams, etc.)

10 million units of products has been produced

120 partners across Russia

257 employees

Business performance of

In the course of work the enterprise has turned into a stable company that has a strong position at the Russian market of lighting engineering for vehicles.

  • There have been developed, mastered in production and supplied light fixtures for lighting driver's cabins and interiors of rolling stock of OAO RZD, metro, trams, trolleybuses and buses, as well as for lighting cabins and interiors of special vehicles and electric vehicles for various purposes

  • TRANSVET is the only company in Russia that has developed and mastered the production of a complete set of 26 types of import-substituting light fixtures for lighting vestibules, toilets, compartments and corridors of rail vehicles, as well as reading lights (analogues are the light fixtures made in Germany, previously purchased by OAO RZD as components for the repair of compartment cars built in Germany at car repair plants of the Russian Federation)

  • Currently TRANSVET has transferred form the production of transport light fixtured with the use of traditional energy-consuming (incandescent lamps) and environmentally hazardous (due to the presence of toxic mercury) fluorescent lamps to the ones with energy-saving and environmentally friendly (mercury-free) LED light sources.

Quality and reliability -
are the basis for trust

The key to Transvet successful work is well-established marketing, knowledge of the market and consumers of transport light fixtures, the development of new products in order to expand the range of products, as well as the optimum ratio of the price to the quality of our products.


We guarantee consistently high quality of our products and the best solutions for your needs. Our employees know that this is the purpose of their work.

We encourage the initiative of every employee as well as their desire to do as much as possible at their workplace to improve our light fixtures. At the same time, the path from an idea to its implementation is the most optimum and brief.

Qualified specialists are in constant dialogue with our customers. Trustful cooperation helps us find a solution for your special tasks. Open communication, rapid solutions and teamwork have proven themselves well in our company. This is the basis on which we will create your future together.

Professional training of employees

Qualified personnel are the basis of an innovative enterprise. Therefore, we pay special attention to the education of our employees and their continuous professional development. What we give or tell to our clients is always based on the latest information and in-depth experience.

TRANSVET permanent team mainly consists of experienced highly-skilled professionals who previously worked at the former Main Institute of Light Sources of the Societ Union and OAO Lisma.

More than that, to solve specific technical problems TRANSVET integrates expertise of other enterprises, including ones of military industrial sector.


Research and development

The design of TRANSVET light fixtures meets the requirements
of Russian and international standards.

We work closely with development departments of our clients. Direct communication provides for better acquaintance with the requirements and ability to develop products that exactly match the future purpose and production capabilities of our clients. In many cases, these joint projects lead up to long-term success.

According to the technical requirements of vehicle manufacturers, an original design of a "light line" type light fixture for lighting vehicle interiors has been designed and mastered in production and, based on it, there have been introduced the modifications of vandal-proof overhead light fixtures for lighting interiors and cabins of vehicles for various purposes, including the use of energy-saving and environmentally friendly LEDs with a long service life (10-15 times longer than that of currently used light sources).

LED light fixtures do not require special disposal with neutralization of toxic mercury used in fluorescent lamps.

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